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Autumn Sunsets

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Sunrise with Contrials
Sunrise with Contrials

Photo Name: M0045578.jpg
Date: 12/10/2004  7:13:09 AM
Location: Camron Park California
Photographer: Mike Neal
ęCopyright 2004 - Neal & Associates

Description: This sunrise picture is punctuated by the Contrails of several Eastbound airplanes which Left San Francisco International Airport 20 or so minutes earlier. Contrail formation is dependent on various factors such as temperature, humidity, etc. These factors are not necessarily constant throughout the sky - there may be 'patches' or layers of sky where the temperature is lower or higher, for example. One patch of sky may contain the conditions that allow contrail formation, while another, just a few miles ahead, might not. An aircraft passing through these patches might leave a contrail while in the first one, which would then appear to 'turn-off' as it passed into the second. An aircraft travelling through a number of these patches will leave a contrail that appears broken in places. Alternatively, a contrail may begin as unbroken, but different weather conditions along the contrail may cause the contrail to disperse more quickly in certain places while not in others, again leaving a broken contrail effect.


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EXIF information (technical information about this photograph and the camera that shot it)

Camera Type: NIKON D70
Lens: AF-S NIKKOR 18-70mm f/3.5-4.5 G ED DX
Date: 12/10/2004 07:13:09a
Program: A - Aperture-priority auto
FNumber: f 4.5
Exposure Time: 1/4000 s
ISO Setting: 200
EV: -1.50 EV
Focal Length: 105 mm KB (70.0 mm Real)
Image Density: 300 x 300 dpi
JPG Quality: RAW
White Balance: Automatic
Metering Mode: Multisegment
Focus Mode: AF-S
Auto Focus Position: Top
Flash: Off
Max Aperture Value: 4.3
Exposure Mode: Auto exposure
Digital Zoom Ratio: 1.00x Zoom
35mm Focal Length: 105 mm
Scene Capture Type: Standard
Contrast: Normal
Saturation: Normal
Sharpness: Soft

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