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  May in Yosemite - 2005
  May in Sequoia NP - 2005
  Springtime in Death Valley - 2005


  Autumn in the Sierras - 2004
  Rocky Mountains- 2005

  December in the Sierras - 2004
  January in Western Nevada - 2005
  February in Western Nevada - 2005
  February in Yosemite - 2005
  March in Yosemite - 2005

Seasons photography by Neal & Associates
Autumn is the time of year when the leaves of deciduous trees transform the landscape into a kaleidoscope of brilliant color. The air is clear and crisp, especially after an evening of light rain or snow.

Scattered clouds coupled with an early morning or late afternoon Sun will add shadows and highlights to Autumn landscapes, making them even more enchanting.

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